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The pivotal role digestion plays in maintaining health and wellness

The pivotal role digestion plays in maintaining health and wellness

The Chinese believe that the energy that powers all aspects of human life is derived from two primary sources.

a) ‘Pre-heaven’ energy

This is thought to be the sum of all the energy inherited from ones parents prior to birth.

It might be considered analogist to genetic inheritance.

Pre-heaven energy functions as the battery powerhouse that supports life.

It is non-renewable and once ‘spent’ is irreplaceable.

b) ‘Post-heaven’ energy

Is derived from the food and fluid is taken in and processed by the digestion.

It occurs only after birth and is replaced on a daily basis.

As such in Chinese Medicine the digestion plays a pivotal role in maintaining health and wellness.

Essential components of healthy digestion

According to Chinese Medicine there are 3 main aspects to healthy digestion.

1. What you eat

You are in complete control over what you choose to feed your body.

2. How you eat

This means how thoroughly you chew your food and how relaxed you feel when you are eating.

Whether you eat in front of the TV, computer or in your car.

Whether you argue with your partner and kids at mealtimes or rush your meals.

3. How you digest

This is a physiological process which can be damaged by a number of factors including irregular eating habits, the feast and famine effect of yo-yo dieting, eating foods that do not suit your body, stress and anxiety.

The first two components are addressed through dietary and lifestyle modification but the ‘how you digest’ component is a physiological process which according to our system of medicine is best addressed with Chinese Medicine treatment.

Using Chinese Medicine to understand the digestive process

According to Chinese Medicine, the digestive tract is merely an internal tube that extends from the mouth to the anus.

There are a myriad of health problems that can arise when it is not working efficiently.

The digestive tract has a tendency to become ‘blocked’ by the intake of rich, oily, difficult to digest foods. The dense nature of these foods can cause stagnation in the stomach and the digestion to become sluggish.

Associated symptoms include bloating, stomach pain and cramping, constipation, sluggish energy, fatigue, body heaviness, weight gain and bad breath.

When the stomach becomes blocked, energy can also rebel upwards causing nausea, vomiting, belching and heartburn.

In others circumstances the digestion can become weak and unable to hold back the stomach contents to allow for adequate processing of essential nutrients.

If food passes through the stomach too quickly it can manifest in frequent, loose stools, diarrhea and fluctuating blood sugar and energy levels.

Associated symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, irritability, sugar cravings and malnourishment.

When making a diagnosis the Chinese Medicine practitioner seeks to establish what foods exactly are going into the body and what waste products are being discharged from it.

By applying Chinese Medical principles and understanding it is possible to work out what is happening to the food when it’s in the body and what the underlying disease process might be.

An assessment of the relative strength and efficiency of the digestive system can then be made and a treatment plan devised.

Some treatment approaches might focus on moving blockages and stagnation in the digestive tract, descending stomach energy if it is rebelling upwards or strengthen the digestion to hold back the stomach contents if they are slipping through too quickly.

The function of the digestive system

The primary function of the digestive system is to separate and ascend nutritious, high quality, ‘pure’ energy derived from food and fluids and descend and excrete the ‘impure’ or waste byproducts of digestion via the bowels.

This ‘pure’ energy is considered to be very precious and a fundamental requirement for sustaining all life processes.

It needs to be retained and utilized by the body for health.

The ‘impure’ energy or turbid energy as it is also known or translated needs to be completely purged from the body.

In Western clinics it is very common to see health conditions arising from circumstances where the digestion has become compromised and the ‘pure’ and the ‘impure’ energy become mixed together but this is a whole other topic.

Using Chinese medicine for weight loss

Over the years numerous people have asked us if Chinese Medicine can help with weight loss.

The answer is ‘yes’, but not without qualification.

The primary purpose and intention of any Chinese Medicine treatment is to return the body to health and balance, never solely to treat one symptom least of all weight loss.

When a person’s digestive system is balanced and functioning optimally and consuming the best types of foods in the appropriate portions for their body type and activity level an ideal body weight will naturally and effortlessly result with ease and enjoyment.

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