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Antibiotic treatment

Antibiotic treatment is the standard Western Medicine treatment for most childhood ear, nose, throat and upper respiratory infection.

Antibiotics are one of the most wonderful, life-saving medical advancements of the 20th century and can prevent more serious conditions from developing, such as deafness caused by ear infection.

If however over prescribed or erroneously prescribed (for viral infections instead of bacterial infections) they can not only interfere with a child’s delicately balanced immune system they cause genetic mutation of the bacteria. This creates what is known as antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria or Superbugs and renders antibiotic ineffective which represents a major problem on a global scale.

Most parents would be aware of the advertising campaigns advocating conservative antibiotics use and the reticence in recent years within the Western Medical fraternity to prescribe willy-nilly.

Parents should also be aware that antibiotics are not designed to cure or prevent the underlying cause of childhood illness. Their primary purpose is to treat secondary bacterial infection.

They should be considered as a treatment of last resort and avoided or reserved for emergency situations unless absolutely necessary in preference for more conservative treatment approaches.

We also recommend that parents consciously observe and assess the effectiveness of their child’s antibiotic treatment.

If more that 2-3 courses of antibiotics have been prescribed to treat the same recurring infection but a child is still unwell we encourage you to ponder if this type of treatment is ‘right’ for your child.

Antibiotics are well known to have unfortunate side effects. They not only kill off the ‘bad’ disease causing bacteria they also destroy healthy bowel flora.

According to TCM antibiotics are also ‘cold’ in nature. While excellent at lowering fever, cooling inflammation and reducing infection they are also taken via the stomach and have the unfortunate effect of causing digestive disturbances, damaging the digestive energy and affecting overall health.

Chinese Medicine considers that repeated, long-term childhood use has a detrimental effect on young, developing immune systems.

We believe all parents should know that Chinese Medicine offers a safe, effective, natural method to treat mild, early stage infections (major infections will always need Western Medical intervention), facilitate recovery after infection even after antibiotic use and strengthen a child’s immune system to prevent recurrence of illness ensuring your child will get the best start in life.

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