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We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic providing Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment for the entire family.

We pride ourselves with service. Our practitioners all take great time and care to listen to your health concerns, understand your condition and construct a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Common health problems in the 7 year old to adolescent age group

By the age 7 more often than not children are at their healthiest physically.

Their digestion has fully matured. They have survived all of the typical childhood diseases and are yet to encounter those illness or imbalances more commonly associated with adolescence and older age.

A child’s social circles are expanding outside of their family. They have more mature school interaction with peers and teachers and increased exposure to media of all forms.

Growth and development is focussed on maturation at the social and emotional levels.

The world is an oyster and the information they gather can be overwhelming.

Imbalances in this age group are typically of an emotional and behavioral nature. Anxiety, phobias, hyperactivity restlessness at night time and nightmares are all more common characteristics of this age group.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

The symptoms of ADD/ADHD typically start in childhood.

The attention deficit aspect includes a child who experiences difficulty in focussing and concentrating, who is easily distracted and easily bored, who has poor organisational skills and who has difficulty following through with instructions.

The hyperactivity symptoms include restlessness, agitation and an inability to stay still or relax.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe.

The impact of these symptoms can manifest as disruptive, chaotic, out of control behaviour which can affect a child’s academic performance, damage their self-esteem, school and home relationships and interfere with their social development.

There appears however to be no clear medical explanation for ADD/ADHD although there are a number of psychological theories.

For most parents all they really want in life is for their kids to be happy, feel good about themselves and achieve their full potential.

We want parents to know that Chinese Medicine is a gentle, alternative or adjunctive treatment which might be able to help kids who are struggling with these types of behavioural disorders.

It can be used safely as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with drug therapy, classroom assistance and family and child counselling.

In Chinese Medicine there is no diagnosis called ADD/ADHD. The causes are often multifactorial but can be explained by the Chinese system of medicine.

Both parents and children usually have a good idea of what aggravates the symptoms such as food colourings and preservatives, overstimulation, certain times of the day, tiredness, watching too much TV or excessively playing computer games.

Chinese Medicine practitioners always treat each child differently and the case presentation needs to be assessed fully as a matter of course.

As previously mentioned children tend to suffer more from heat disorders, although not always.

More often than not and especially in cases where hyperactivity is a primary feature of the ADD/ADHD presentation heat is the complicating factor.

To explain this condition according to Chinese Medicine one might imagine a boiling pot on the stove that is bubbling away. The heat rises and the water bubbles, never being able to rest.

So it is with the body.

If a child’s body is relatively too hot the heat will rise and disturb the upper part of the body, agitating the mind or consciousness causing difficulty in concentration and focus. It also causes physical agitation of the whole body resulting in a child that finds it very difficult to rest and relax.

For more information on the topic refer to the section on stress management.

Our approach

When treating children for any condition but especially behavioral problems we try to make the consultations as non-confrontational and friendly as possible.

We won’t label your child and we won’t unnecessarily interrogate them, instead we are looking for patterns rather than causes.

Chinese Medicine treatment might not necessarily eradicate the symptoms of ADD/ADHD completely, but it can be very helpful.

Our anecdotal experience is that with treatment parents soon start to notice their child to be calmer, more settled and happier in themselves. Their behavior is less erratic, school performance improves, they become more social and the quality of their interpersonal relationships improves.

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