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Common health problems in Toddlers

By the age of 2 children are usually well established on solid food, although Chinese Medicine considers digestion underdeveloped until age 7.

Fever tends to be a common complicating factor in childhood illness in this age group.

Children suffer from too much heat

Chinese Medicine believes that children tend to suffer more from fevers because their bodies are relatively more ‘Yang’ or hot in nature.

Parents will often notice that their children naturally get hotter as a precursor to growth spurts.

Elevated body temperature due to growth spurts tends to be lower grade than those of an infection. Infections are usually also accompanied by sore throat, swollen glands, snotty nasal stalactites, pawing at the ears and coughing.

Another example of this phenomenon is when a child is teething which is often accompanied by cheek redness and fever. The Chinese believe that the elevation of body temperature causes a flourish of growth and activity whereby teeth literally sprout from the gums.

There are safe and simple first aid Chinese massage techniques that parents can give to their children to reduce fever naturally and drug-free. Contact the clinic for more information.

Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbance is also common in this age group.

As any parent will tell you a good parenting day magically coincides with a good night’s sleep for all in the house.

An unsettled child at night can be exhausting and distressing.

Once contributing factors such as illness, hunger and pain are excluded as possible causes of the sleep disturbance then one can look further afield.

The most common Chinese Medicine explanation is heat.

Night time is Yin time, the coolest part of the day set aside for rest and restoration.

Daytime is Yang time, the warmest part of the day set aside for activity, movement.

If your child is unsettled at night it can indicate too much Yang or activity and heat at the wrong time of the day and often is worse in warmer weather.

This pattern is relatively easy to treat.

Upper respiratory, ear, nose and throat problems:

Ear, nose, throat and lung problems are among the most common paediatric illnesses of the 2-7 age group and kids start to mix with other children at childcare and swim in heated pools.

In fact we commonly hear parents reporting that they have an expectation that their child will be sick for the first 3-4 months of attending day-care as ‘germy’ kids infect and reinfect each other.

There is another way.

Illness is not a foregone conclusion when your child goes to childcare and they definitely don’t need to suffer.

Respiratory symptoms include a runny nose, cough, the common cold, bronchitis, asthma, tonsillitis, swollen glands and earache.

The common theme of these conditions according to Chinese Medicine is again digestive weakness combined with our friend Phlegm which tends to accumulate in the upper cavities of the body, weakening immunity and making kids more susceptible to infection.

The extra heat synonymous with growth spurts raises body temperature causing the phlegm in the body to dislodge and rise like a hot air balloon and aggravate the ears, nose and throat causing earache.

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