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One of the first crucial health decisions parents are forced to make after childbirth is the vexed question of whether or not to vaccinate their baby.

As Chinese Medicine practitioners, we always respect a person’s right to make their own health decisions for themselves and their children, and though we are often asked, we are not in a position to give advice on whether a family should vaccinate their children. How parents choose to treat their children is a sacred responsibility and requires autonomous decision-making for each and every family unit. Both parents, however, need to feel comfortable and be able to live with the consequences of all their parenting decisions, including those around immunisation.

We strongly encourage informed decision-making on all health matters.

There is plenty of information available in the public domain on the pros and cons of vaccination which have major individual, community and global health implications, and we encourage thorough research on such serious considerations as a matter of course.

As such at Sattva we encourage informed decision making.

Chinese Medicine and childhood immunisation

If however you are considering using Chinese Medicine to support your child’s health and wellbeing we can legitimately offer advice.

a) Choosing to Vaccinate

We always recommend postponing childhood vaccination if your child is sick or recovering from a recent infection or illnesses.

On the day before the scheduled vaccination, the day of and for the following 5 days we recommend administering a herbal remedy known as Xiao Chai Hu Tang which we stock here at the clinic.

This formula is based on a classical formula called Xiao Chai Hu Tang which originated in the Han Dynasty around 220AD. It is tried and tested and parents can rest assured that it is safe, gentle and very effective. Read more click here
Depending upon how your child reacts to the vaccine we may advise further Chinese Medicine follow-up.

b) Choosing not to vaccinate

The treatment principle for unvaccinated children is always to prevent your child from getting sick in the first place.

We do this by strengthening the ‘Wei Qi’ or protective energy which circulates on the surface of the body and acts like body armour to protect against exterior invasion and the ‘Zheng Qi’, or the sum of all of the energy that goes to fighting infection once invasion occurs. Zheng Qi is similar but not the same as the immune. Click here for further explanation of this concept.

Chinese Medicine has a solid philosophy and treatment strategy for achieving this outcome.

If and when your unvaccinated child gets sick then it is vital that you seek treatment, either Eastern or Western Medicine as soon as possible to avoid serious illness.

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