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Chinese Medicine for new born babies to 6 months

Using Chinese Medicine to care for children

Becoming a mother is a huge responsibility and it is our experience that every mother is focused on doing the ‘right thing’, especially when it comes to making health care decisions for their child.
There is an overwhelming amount of information in the public forum mixed with many conflicting words of advice around parenting and caring for children. It can be very difficult for even the most conscientious mother to discern ‘right’ from ‘wrong’.

In reality there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

What we believe is more important is that mothers listen to their maternal intuition, experiment broadly and settle on what makes sense and what works for themselves and their child.

Using Chinese Medicine to treat kids

As a rule of thumb what we don’t understand we fear, and the health and wellbeing of your child is no exception.

We hope this information will give parent’s confidence and peace of mind that Chinese Medicine is a natural, gentle treatment option that can be used safely and effectively as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with Western Medicine to treat a wide range of common childhood illnesses and keep your child healthy and well.
Chinese Medicine has history

Chinese Medicine doctors first developed the speciality of paediatrics during the Song Dynasty period (960-1279 AD).

But life doesn’t start or end with childhood.

In Chinese Medicine childhood is seen merely as a point on the continuum of a person’s entire lifecycle.

Preserving health and wellness at every stage is essential for producing strong, thriving individuals and communities.

As such past and present disturbances in health are considered within a broader context rather than as independent, unconnected or disconnected episodes which is more typical of a symptomatic Western Medical based approach.

By preventing children from becoming sick in the first place, treating illness quickly when it manifests and addressing constitutional weaknesses before serious disease appears each child will be given an excellent opportunity to live a long, happy, healthy life.

Common health problems in first 6 months

Chinese Medicine uses the beautiful analogy of children being like tender, immature sprouts tentatively emerging from the soil to describe growth and development.

Like germinating seeds children rely on heat to grow.

Development is not steady. It comes in fits and starts with periods of rapid growth and change often precipitated by increased body temperature in the form of fever.

Apart from congenital abnormalities and premature birth the earliest complications for paediatric health usually results from birth trauma.

We recommend cranio-sacral osteopathy for mothers and babies to aid recovery from childbirth. Osteopathy is a safe, gentle and effective modality to correct the effects of birth trauma and give your baby an integrated start to life.

The following tend to be difficulties related to feeding.

Colic is a common symptom that drives new parents to distraction if not to the mental hospital. It occurs because a baby’s immature digestion is adapting from receiving nourishment via the placenta to taking physical food via the stomach.

Symptoms include vomiting, painful stomach cramps and wind which is especially worse in the afternoon and evening and improves with farting.

An inconsolable baby in pain especially in the middle of the night is no fun for any new parent yet crying is one of the few ways a baby communicates discomfort.

This is really baby indigestion and Chinese Medicine can help.

Digestion is always weak in children

Chinese Medicine considers that before the age of 7 years a child’s digestion is always immature or under developed.

It is thought that because babies go from receiving readymade nourishment via the bloodstream to having to absorb and digest food via the stomach that digestion can be easily disturbed. It takes several years for the digestive function to mature and strengthen.

As such digestive issues are major contributors to childhood illness.

There are three components to digestion:

• What we eat
• How we eat
• How we digest.

Because ‘healthy’ diet is such a huge topic shrouded with an overwhelming amount of conflicting, confusing and erroneous advice it is not covered here.

As far as the physiological function of the digestion goes, the how we digest component, the Chinese believe that the primary role of the digestion is to separate the useful, ‘good’ energy from the non-useful energy or waste products, also known as phlegm.

They have a saying that weak digestion produces phlegm and the lungs and associate organs store it.

This trilogy of digestive imbalance producing phlegm which causes problems in the lung, ear, nose and throat appear as common themes in childhood illness.

Chinese Medicine can strengthen digestion, treat phlegm and help prevent digestive problems and upper respiratory illness in children.

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