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We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic providing Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment for the entire family.

We pride ourselves with service. Our practitioners all take great time and care to listen to your health concerns, understand your condition and construct a comprehensive treatment plan.

You will be left with the peace of mind that you are receiving top quality health care.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brighton, Melbourne

Chinese Medicine is a simple, low-technology medicine

Chinese Medicine has many unique characteristics that differentiate it from both mainstream medical and other complementary and alternative medicine.

Chinese Medicine is simple, relatively inexpensive, low-intervention, low-technology medicine. Because it evolved in antiquity, Chinese Medicine does not require the expensive, invasive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments, equipment and technology that modern Western Medicine has come to rely upon.

Assessment is made by questioning the patient, palpating the wrist pulse and inspecting the tongue. Diagnosis and treatment begins immediately, on the day of the initial consultation.

One of the great advantages of practising Chinese Medicine in Australia is that if a client’s symptoms are out of the field of Chinese Medicine or indicate the presence of a more serious health problem, they can easily be referred to the Western medical system for further investigation.

Combining the ancient skill and wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the wonders of modern biotechnology works well for both patients and practitioners. Practitioners are not limited to a philosophical framework that doesn’t ‘fit’ the case and clients can rest assured they are getting the best quality care and attention.

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