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We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic providing Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment for the entire family.

We pride ourselves with service. Our practitioners all take great time and care to listen to your health concerns, understand your condition and construct a comprehensive treatment plan.

You will be left with the peace of mind that you are receiving top quality health care.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the two main modalities under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the other being Acupuncture.

Both modalities share the same fundamental principles but are separate areas of studies using completely different treatment methods.

Herbal medicine comes in many forms.

a) Decoction

The most common traditional method of taking herbs is by decoction.  Clients take away packets of whole raw herbs which consist of a fascinating blend of leaves, twigs, flowers, roots and bark and boil them at home to make a tea.

Decoctions allow for maximum flexibility in prescribing the exact therapeutic blend.

Herbs can be changed or added and doses modified to suit individual cases.

The teas is stronger, more rapidly absorbed by the body, and the effects tend to be more immediate.

The downside is that decoctions can be time consuming to prepare, produce a strong, unpleasant odour when cooked and the herbal tea often taste bitter making it difficult to consume.


b) Granulated herbs


Granulated herbs are a safe, convenient, effective modern day alternative.  They look a bit like instant coffee and preparation simply requires adding boiling water.

The advantage of granulated formulas is that they can still be modified but preparation is quicker, easier and less time consuming.  The taste is generally milder and they are easier to digest.


c)     Patent pills and tinctures

Patent herbal pills and tinctures (herbs soaked in an alcohol solution) can be used as a substitute for people who have great difficulty consuming herbs.

Generic preparations are usually not as accurate or as effective because they cannot be modified or adapted to the individual needs of each client.

Sattva Natural Therapies stocks an extensive range of practitioner prescribed raw and granulated Chinese Herbal Medicine remedies, herbal pills and capsules.