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Childhood Immunisation Support

This formula is based on a classical formula called Xiao Chai Hu Tang which originated in the Han Dynasty around 220AD. As such it is tried and tested and parents can rest assured that it is safe, gentle and very effective.

To understand the rationale behind using this formula to support children at vaccination times we first need to consider the function of the meridian system.

The meridian system is a complex, interwoven mesh of energetic nets that traverse the body, some more superficial some deeper.

One of its primary functions is to protect the body against external invasion by catching, isolating and expelling pathogens as they enter and penetrate the body, preventing infection from diving ever deeper into the interior and causing more serious health problems.

From here the body relies on the immune system or ‘Zheng Qi’, the sum of all the body’s energy that goes to fighting infection to overpower and expel the infection and return the body to health.

Sometimes however pathogens or infections circumvent this defence system, staying in the body and lying dormant awaiting expression at a later date. Examples of these types of conditions might include cold sores, malaria, shingles and even HIV/AIDS.

In Chinese Medicine this group of illnesses are known as latent pathogens and can be likened to a burglar that has entered a house but lies dormant, undetected waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc by either becoming active again or weakening the body to allow other burglars from outside to enter the house.

The forte of Xiao Chai Hu Tang is in expelling latent pathogens.

While this unique understanding is not acknowledged by Western Medical science it does make a lot of sense when applied to childhood vaccinations.

The mechanisms behind how each immunisation work differs. Some use small doses of living infective agents such as viruses, others dead ones or synthetic manmade versions to stimulate an immune response. The recipient produces antibodies that remain in the body to protect against illness should the child be exposed to the same infection at a later date.

In effect immunisations act like latent pathogens or ‘foreign’ information that remains within the body.

This formula will not neutralise the effect of the vaccination as it is unable to do so. It will however help to mitigate the undesirable side effects at the time of inoculation, preventing fever and helping a child’s young body to return more quickly to a healthy equilibrium.

The exact dose is calculated on your child’s body weight and is modified as your child grows.

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