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Russell’s Naughty Pills

Russell’s signature Naughty Pill formula represents a new take on an ancient classic called ‘Wen Dan Tang’ which originated in the 6th century AD.

This aptly named formula is used primarily as a remedy for the overindulgence in food and alcohol and the excessive consumption of greasy, heavy, oily, junk food. These substances tend to weigh the body down causing the tongue to become thickly coated, resulting in symptoms that include muzzy, foggy-headedness, headaches, nausea, body heaviness and fatigue.

Russell evolved his version of this formula over a number of years of clinical practice and personal experience. Did we remember to mention that he is a great lover of good food and fine wine himself?
He noticed that the main formula wasn’t quite hitting the mark for the conditions that he was typically seeing in clinic and it needed to be modified.

So armed with his thorough knowledge of the principles and practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine he got to thinking and came up with ‘Russell’s Naughty Pills’.

We are passionate about Chinese Medicine

His clever and insightful adaptation of the original formula demonstrates his profound understanding of how herbs act and interact and his ability to accentuate and capture new aspects of the formula.
Suffice to say ‘Russell’s Naughty Pills’ should be favourably considered for use in the aftermath of a ‘big night out’ or when you are feeling a bit lacklustre after a period of having ‘just a little bit too much fun’.

Dose: take 4 capsules three times per day as instructed or until symptoms resolve.

Cost: Small bottle $38.50 (including GST)
Large bottle $77.00 (including GST)

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