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Recovering from childbirth

In Chinese Medicine, the postnatal period is seen merely as a point on a continuum which actually starts up to 12 months prior to pregnancy as part of the preparation for producing strong, healthy, robust mothers and babies.

Post-birth recovery is recovery not only from birth but from the experience of being pregnant and growing a baby for the previous nine months.

After childbirth, many women will naturally bounce back full of vigour and vitality, while others will really struggle to recapture their pre-pregnancy mojo.

Birth trauma or medical complications and intervention, multiple births, previous miscarriage(s), pregnancies too close together, being an older mother or having inadequate postnatal support, are all factors that can impede a woman’s postnatal recovery.

The blood loss and the enormous energy demands of labour, the sleep deprivation and disruption of tending a newborn, and continuing loss of body fluids via breast milk, can combine to affect a mother’s capacity to recuperate once the initial euphoria of childbirth has worn off.

Using Chinese Medicine in the postnatal phase

According to Chinese Medicine, women are always deficient after birth.

During pregnancy a woman’s body is full and abundant with nourishment as her baby grows and blossoms.

During and after birth she not only expels the baby’s energy but loses volumes of blood and body fluid of her own. She usually feels euphoric explained by the ‘happy hormones’ of pregnancy but her tummy will feel instantly empty.

Her body will be required to surrender more nourishment as she produces breast milk and takes on the responsibility of caring and nurturing a newborn. No wonder women emerge from the first 6 weeks shell-shocked, drained and exhausted. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Being a new mother doesn’t mean you need to feel constantly exhausted.

Chinese Medicine has a method of understanding, treating and preventing many common postnatal symptoms.

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